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total letting solutions property letting management software

The feature list below outlines the broad capabilities of the comprehensive letting agent software package.
In addition to these features we can integrate other functions in line with your requirements at an additional fee.

Product support via email is included in the price. Telephone support is provided during initial set up.
Additional telephone support and further training can be provided at an additional fee.
This is a cloud internet hosted package with no limit on the number of users.
Password access to the secure system - in your offices, in your home or at your properties.

Package License costs:
   £350 initial set up cost includes one days training
     £70 per month license for first three years - with space usage maximums
      the monthly license covers use, software upgrades and email support

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  • Residential Property Management.
  • Integrated Public Web Site Letting System.
  • Designed for the Letting Agent.
  • Agent control panels.
  • Multiple Owner handling.
  • Each Owner can have one or more Properties.
  • Each Property can contain one or more Rooms.
  • Each Room can be let to one or more Tenants.
  • E-Mail facilities to Owners and Tenants.
  • Text messaging via e-mail to Owners and Tenants.
  • Address book with postcode link to maps.
  • Letter processes - moving in/out, chasing, visits.
  • Deposit and Rent chasing processes.
  • Rent Recovery and chase actions.
  • Daily income analysis reports.
  • Appointment lists for viewings.
  • General messaging logs.
  • Audit trail of changes.
  • Numerous reporting options.
  • Multiple search facilities.
  • Work list collections.
  • Diary facility.
  • Property letting processes.
  • Rent and deposit amount standards, with optional room overrides.
  • Property portal data feed files
  • Room allocation and common rooms.
  • Property maintenance repairs and task handling.
  • Property tasks with worker allocation, priorities and man days.
  • Worker task lists with hours and cost returns.
  • Labour and material costs handling for billing preparation.
  • Document storage for certificates and letters.
  • Images for letting and advertising.
  • Property inspection check date handling.
  • Unipol information for lettings.
  • Letting advertising material.
  • List tenants in a property.
  • Maintenance messaging.
  • Future project work.
  • Contents inventory.
  • Condition reporting.
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  • List properties by owner.
  • Owner contact details, telephone, mobile, e-mail.
  • Statement days and management charges.
  • Owner statements with rents, commissions, vat, labour and material costs.
  • General and pre-Task Warning.
  • Bank and rent accounts details.
  • Emergency contact information.
  • Holiday dates information.
  • Prospect to tenant handling.
  • Tenant contact details, telephone, mobile, e-mail.
  • Tenant next of kin, previous, work and forward addresses.
  • Single or group contracts.
  • Moving in letters.
  • Deposits and rents handling.
  • Deposit Prescribed Information letters.
  • Rent payment cycles - monthly, termly, quarterly.
  • Rent payments by cheque, standing order or cash.
  • Irregular rent payments.
  • Charges for repairs or late payments.
  • Visits and Moving Out Letters.
  • Miscellaneous notes.
agency letting package for students and professionals
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